10 top diet blogs for moms

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With all the different diet plans out there finding the best one for your weight loss goals can get confusing.  If you are just starting out on a diet and nutrition program to lose weight it is important to be well educated first. most diet plans are not suited for everyone.  This list of 10 top diet blogs for moms will make it easier for you to pick the best diet plan for your personal needs.

1. Mindful Meals by Lauren Fowler, RDN

Lauren is a registered dietitian and health coach. Her goal is to reach out to as many women as she can and show them how to achieve their health goals through eating real whole foods.  You can check out Lauren at mindfulmealsblog.com.

2. eating Bird Food by Brittany Mullins

Brittany is a young woman passionate about health and fitness. She started her blog, eating Bird Food, to help inspire others to live healthier.  For more information about eating Bird Food and Brittany check out eatingbirdfood.com.

3. live it Stronger 

Live it stronger is a blog written by several different health and wellness experts and writers passionate about health and fitness. This blog covers a wide range of health topics for people of all ages.  You can check out this blog at liveitstronger.com.

4. Power Foods Fitness by Sofija Vracar 

“I am a happy and healthy Metabolic precision Body transformation Specialist, Personal/Rehab Trainer, Yoga/Pilates Teacher, Nutrition coach and Writer. My journey in the health and fitness industry began 12 years ago as I took the baby steps to realize a dream I had as a 7 year old girl… ‘to have a building where people walked in to learn how to be healthier and happier versions of themselves and to leave with these new life skills.’ I am passionate to inspire others to live the Metabolic precision science proven and world renowned exercise and nutrition system to achieve optimum fitness and cellular health as well as strength of mind.” powerfoodsfitness.com

5. happy Food healthy Life by Holly

Holly started her blog so that she could share her love for all foods healthy and not healthy.  She explains that anyone can enjoy their favorite foods without feeling guilty.  You can check out Holly at happyfoodhealthylife.com.

6. Not just Olive Oil 

This blog shares Mediterranean diet tips and recipes.  

“The Mediterranean style of cooking is the best method for eating delicious food that can also be useful for an overall long and healthy life. We are proud mothers and wives, with a passion for gastronomy and life, and have raised our children with Mediterranean style cooking.” notjustoliveoil.com

 7. The Comforting Vegan by Amy

Amy is a blogger and mother who started a vegan diet when she learned that she did not have the enzyme to break down animal protein.  On her blog she shares her favorite vegan recipes. For more information about Amy and The Comforting Vegan check out thecomfortingvegan.blogspot.com.

8. Confessions of a Fat Girl by Amanda Joy

Question: who are you? Answer: I’ve been blogging in some form or another since 1999 (back in those days, it was called a “web log”). I taught myself HTML in college to impress a boy. Which might be the nerdiest un-romantic way to get a boy’s attention ever. but I was ultimately more interested in the computer than him and launched my first websites that year in the form of celeb fan pages on Geocities (remember Geocities?!) and my personal, online diary. I founded this blog in June of 2007 when I started Jenny Craig, thinking it would be a diet diary of sorts. The outcome was that I hated Jenny Craig but loved this blog. since then, it has gone on to earn a small, but loyal following and I have gone on to use it as my outlet for pretty much whatever I want. You’ve heard of “mommy bloggers” and “foodie bloggers,” but I am a “selfish blogger” (admittedly, a category of my own creation but it works). If you want to be more traditional, you could categorize me as a “lifestyle blogger.” confessionsofafatgirl.net

9. Colleen’s Kitchen  by Colleen Fields

Colleen fields is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, food blogger and mother of two. She lost over 100 lbs and continues to maintain a healthy weight through simple lifestyle changes. Colleen created her own healthy dishes and has also published a cookbook. She shares her favorite recipes on her blog. You can check out Colleen at colleens-kitchen.com.

10. turning the Czamknout

“Otočení hodin zpět je stránka věnovaná tomu, aby se lidé učinili, aby se zeleně, zdravě a zjednodušili svůj život o krok po druhém.” Pro více informací podívejte se na TurningTheClockback.com.

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